Thursday, 1 April 2021

First Time In A Tenant League? Know How To Be A Good Tenant Before You Move

 We can't be certain like what kind of landlord you will find in this tenant league but one thing is sure that we can't do much when it comes to other person at the other end of the lease but we can surely do something about us, like do the things to keep everything decent and have a good relationship with the person whom you are renting from. Begin a good tenant not only involve landlord but neighbour and community too so, for a great impression before you move to your first rented house to apartment read below Packers and Movers in Chennai tips and start your journey as a tenant on a good note.

Write an honest application:

If you are applying for an apartment which is good and in a metro city then the pile of applications will be huge, and for saving you from listing in that and taking you on top, you better write some truth. You know we know honesty is the best policy, when you went for interviews what you mostly found that being honest brings the best result, even in your office being honest reduce the work load and lot's of stress. If you really have a pet and you know your significant other will visit you often, beside saying I don't have a pet and my guest list will short and empty most of times you should be clear with the truth because ultimately they will find out what's the reality, so avoid that afterwards chaos and humiliation it's better to clear things before hand. Moving long distance and need packing service's then call #Packers and #Movers #Chennai now.

Read what's in the lease:

If you wanna be a good tenant you have to act according to your lease and if you wanna act within the things expected you should know what’s exactly expected from you and you can know that by reading the lease. Your lease will contain the rules like in which time period loud music is allowed, what's the guest and pet policy, what is rental cost policy how the payment is done and in case of non payment what is the steps, things to do to make sure you get your security deposit at the end of the lease for sure, the more well versed you are in a legal agreement between you and landlord, the better tenant you are going to be. Also hunting for a rental house for a first time comes with many precautions in this digital era you know people are defrauding in the name of rental house too so to avoid any misfortune try to read Packers and Movers in Chennai guide on when moving how to escape rental scams.

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See what's fit in your budget:

Your rental cost should not account more than 30% of your expenses every month, ya in this situation where rental cost is increasing continuously its tough to stick to 30% as your rental cost percentage, than the decision goes person to person you may feel satisfied in spending 40% because you getting the comfort and facility in your hand and for some they are happy in 25% because when it comes to work ya they can endure, so it differs with perspective. If you amount is high than the chances of missed or late payment is high which can hinder your process of being a good tenant, so select accordingly.

Keep it clean:

Keeping your apartment and the shared area clean is the trait of good tenant and a good neighbour, think who will not support the person who take care of their property as they do, normal wear and tear it's normal but you do your job to keep things good and clean, this doesn’t mean you have to do deep cleaning every week just make sure to keep things tidy and clean in shared area as well as in your area. Wanna move your pet along with your goods contact #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Chennai now.

Submit maintenance request:

Submitting maintenance request as soon as you acknowledge is appreciated by the landlord when it is something related to heating, cooling or leaking because if not tackle on time they can be disastrous to the property well being. So don't hesitate and bring to your landlord notice as soon as you see something require repairing or maintenance.

Be friendly:

Do you know if you get a two option choose right or humble, choose humble because winning a heart is that satisfaction which you can't derive from being right. Here you don't need to build a friendship just whenever you see your neighbour or Landlord acknowledge them with smile and a hello.

Don't hesitate to ask:

If you are unsure about anything than it's better to ask your landlord if that's the exception in lease or even you think it's better to ask at the end it's someone else property like changing wall paper, hanging wall art, adding some decoration, adopt a cat extra, just don't hesitate just ask and make things clear, so you know what you have to do.

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